Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of Agreement.


You agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Terms and Conditions of use Agreement ("Agreement") with respect to our site (the "Site"). This Agreement constitutes the entire and only agreement between us and you, and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements, representations, warranties and understandings with respect to the Site, the content, products or services provided by or through the Site, and the subject matter of this Agreement. This Agreement may be amended by us at any time and from time to time without specific notice to you.


Project Turnaround:


 All times given for completions of the design work are estimates unless stated when you place your order.



Payment must be made in full before any work can start. Payment can be made using credit or debit card (using paypal), Paypal, cheque, postal order, cash, or bank transfer. PLEASE NOTE INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS PAYPAL ONLY.

All payments on this site are in English ponds, if you require a price in your contrys currency please contact us and we will let you know the price.


 Monthly fees:


If there is a monthly fee to pay on the package you order this payment must be paid each month until you the customer no longer needs the service. None payment will result in images and files being hosted with us to be removed, and access to any members area being lost. We my change any services offered at anytime, for example hosting storage space bandwidth etc..




Any package with a monthly fee comes with email and phone support relating to the design work that's been done for you.

After you are happy with the design work, and its all complete and uploaded, any changes you need making to it will occur a maintenance fee. this fee will depend on the amount of work involved. email us for a price.

If problems occur to the design because of upgrades / changes applied by eBay Inc. or other parties involved in the Clients' Business then there my be a maintenance fee to fix these problems. The fee will depend on the amount of work involved.




All the images and flash used in your design can  be used by you the customer as you wish.

Any HTML or CSS style sheets remain the copyright of PMB Web Solutions LTD.




Any images or files you host on are server MUST NOT  contain nudity, adult content or offensive materiel. any customers found hosting such images or files will have there account closed.




Please note that your rights to use our products can be cancelled without notice if it is determined that false or misleading information has been provided, the Terms and Conditions of use have been violated, or other abuses have occurred as determined by “ebay Shop Design" in its sole discretion.




PMB Web Solutions LTD can not be held responsible for the following:
Copyright issues on images used for your design and listings, like brand logos and pictures.
Loss of data after the store launch. We strongly recommend you to keep a backup of the HTML code / files and images that we provided.

Issues / changes due to upgrades applied by eBay Inc. or other parties involved in the Clients' Business.

Changes in page rankings / search positioning by search engines.

Loss of income.

 Problems occurring like hosting problems, server problems etc..

Issues related to the content of your listings (keyword spamming, fees circumvolution, etc...)




Your right to use the Site is not transferable. Any password or right given to you to obtain information or documents is not transferable and may only be used by you.


 Account Closer:


Your account will be closed and all files and images removed if any of the following happens

If you have an outstanding balance all your accounts and files etc.. hosted will be removed until we have received the full payment.

If you are found in breach of any of these terms and conditions your account will be closed and all files etc.. removed.

If your account is closed and files removed from the server there may be an admin fee to restore your account and replay the files back onto the server. The admin fee will depend on the amount of work involved in replacing the files.


Refund Policy:


Due to the nature of our online site, and the products listed, we have a strict no refund policy for any product. No product or service shall be able  for refund.